Built by the Global Community

The knowledge within the ZERO Playbook is developed by the industry for the industry. It is practical and ready to use on your next project.

Plain Language

ZERO Construct is a diverse and global community, making it important that all content is relatable and understandable.

A Strategic Overview

ZERO Academy will enable you to look outside of a specific specialism; you'll learn about finance, leadership, and innovation, through to delivery on site.

We are ZERO

ZERO is our answer to construction’s big '5 billion metric tonnes of CO2 per year' problem. Around 35–40% of the world's annual landfill comes from the construction industry. As a global community of professionals, we have a common goal: to make construction a zero-carbon industry. We want to work with more than just leaders and decision makers because we are all responsible for answering the challenge and supporting those who have to make decisions about change. We share these goals across a global network of empowered activators who share our passion for climate protection and keeping the earth habitable for generations to come.